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PlantZom - Stop The Bite!


Did You Know?

As greenery provides various benefits to humans, it also creates a conducive living habitat for garden pests (including insects like mosquitoes), that will in turn become a dangerous threat to human lives.


Plants Can Kill Adult Mosquitoes!

PlantZom treatment inhibits the life cycle of mosquitoes by killing adult mosquitoes at their harbourage – plants; especially the male mosquitoes and thereby with repeated treatment, it disrupts their mating cycle to reduce overall mosquitoes breeding and biting.


Significant Reduction in Bites

Upon treatment, the client will be able to experience a significant reduction in bites from adult female mosquitos.


Weather Durable

Special formula allows PlantZom to last under rain or shine for at least 14 days.


Safe for Flora & Fauna

PlantZom’s special formula is safe and non toxic towards plants, allowing it to be used in an environment with a high density of greenery.


No Odour, No Fumes

PlantZom’s application process does not come with odour and fumes, and is considered safe to be around during/after application.

PlantZom Capabilities

Significant Reduction in Adult Mosquitoes 70-80%
Lasting Treatment of at least 14 days whether rain or shine 99.9%
Water Mist Spray Treatment Process 100%
Odourless and without Fumes 100%
Safe to Flora & Fauna 100%
1/4 times lower in Toxicity Levels compared to other existing treatment methods 100%

Treatment Cost

Area <4,000 (sq ft) – S$120 (Bundle Service Pack of 3+1 – S$360)

Area between 4,000-8,000 (sq ft) – S$220 (Bundle Service Pack of 3+1 – S$660)

Area between 8,000-16,000 (sq ft) – S$320 (Bundled Service Pack of 3+1 – S$960)

Area >16,000 (sq ft) – To be quoted


Illustration – ~4,000 (sq ft) landed property

Requires 5L of PlantZom Solution*

Duration: 30mins


*Depends on vegetation density

Recommended bi-monthly, monthly treatment. Treatment requires 2-6 hrs of drying. Complements source reduction. PlantZom is neither fogging/fumigation nor mosquito repellent. PlantZom Kills!


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