Astrophytum Asterias (SandDollar Cactus)

Astrophytum Asterias (SandDollar Cactus)

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POT MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 9cm(Ø) x 9cm(H)

Pot color and size may vary and change subject to availability

Cactus collectors love the little Astrophytum star cactus.

  • It is a spineless cactus with a chubby round body resembling a SandDollar.
  • Star cactus plants are easy to grow and make an interesting part of a succulent or arid garden display.
  • The common names for plants are often the most descriptive and a fun way to learn about the plant.
  • Star cactus plants (Astrophytum asteria) are also known as sea urchin cactus, sand dollar cactus or star peyote — which refers to the flower.
  • The round body may grow 2 to 6 inches across with gently ridged sides.
  • It is green to grayish brown and covered in tiny white dots that radiate down the ridges.
  • The body has eight sections which are decorated with fine white hairs.
  • This cactus is hardy but does perfectly well in a sunny window in the home, prefers a bright diffused light.
  • During the very hot weather, direct sunlight can cause burns on the leaf surface.
  • Some varieties of Astrophytum are able to partially withstand direct sunlight but try first gradually to see if it can get accustomed to the bright sun.
  • They thrive on neglect, although it will need water occasionally.
  • The body will flatten out and turn brown if it is in dire need of water.
  • Pot them up in a purchased cactus mix or equal parts potting soil and sand.
  • The container should be free draining and unglazed so excess moisture evaporates readily.
  • The plant is fertilized once a month in the period of active growth.
  • Fertilizers used for cactus should have a weak concentration.


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