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POT MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 11cm(Ø) x 9cm(H)

Pot color and size may vary and change subject to availability
Color of flower may be substituted with another similar color based on stock availability.

Callunas are low-growing or dwarf evergreen shrubs with stems clothed in tiny overlapping leaves, and terminal, spike-like racemes of small, 4-petalled flowers with colored calyces.

  • It loves the sun but they need to be sheltered from strong winds.
  • Keep your potted heather in a less windy and sunny spot.
  • However, you can grow this plant in partial sun.
  • Water when the top two-inch layer of soil is dry.
  • Do not let the soil dry out completely, otherwise plant will lose buds and leaves.
  • When watering, remember not to spill water on leaves, it promotes fungal diseases.
  • It has specific soil requirements to grow healthily in a pot.
  • It likes highly acidic soil with pH level around 4.5-6.
  • You’ll need different soil for it, either buy an ericaceous potting mix or make your own by adding half (50%) of peat moss, 20% of perlite, and 10% each of garden soil, sand and compost or farm manure.
  • It does not need much fertilizer, but however, you can fertilize it with rhododendron fertilizer.
  • It is very sensitive to over-fertilization, make sure to follow the fertilizer package’s instruction to avoid over-fertilization.

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