Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

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Pot Measurements: Approx. 14cm(Ø) x 11cm(H)

Aglaonema, also called Chinese evergreens are a wonderfully diverse and colourful range of leafy plants that are native to tropical and sub-tropical areas in Asia.

Their foliage can be striking mottled mixtures of red, pink, silver, green, yellow or cream and can be used to bring life and colour to your home!

Plant Care


  • It needs medium light to do their best.
  • They can tolerate high light but keep them away from windows with the strong sun coming in or they’ll burn in no time flat.


  • Water once every 7-9 days in the warmer months.
  • Every 2-3 weeks when winter comes around.
  • Do not water too often.


  • Keep Aglaonema away from any cold drafts as well as air conditioning or heating vents.


  • Chinese Evergreens are native to the subtropical & tropical regions.
  • They seem fairly adaptable & do just fine in homes which tend to have dry air.
  • If lack of humidity, fill the saucer with pebbles & water.
  • Put the plant on the pebbles but make sure the drain holes &/or the bottom of the pot aren’t submerged in water.
  • Misting a few times a week should help out too.


  • Aglaonema are not needy when it comes to fertilizing.
  • Recommended fertilizing it once or twice a year, usually during the spring or summer.
  • Use a diluted liquid fertilizer to feed the plant.


  • Any good quality (preferably organic) potting soil is fine.
  • Just be sure it’s formulated for houseplants which it’ll say on the bag.
  • Avoid heavy mix, you can up the ante on the aeration & drainage factors which lessens the chance of rot by adding some pumice or perlite.

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