Crassula Ovata (Jade Plant)

Crassula Ovata (Jade Plant)

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Crassula Ovata, also known as Jade Plant is native to many parts of the globe, but cultivated varieties originate almost exclusively from species from the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Crassulas are usually propagated by stem or leaf cuttings.

  • Full sunshine.
  • This is ideal to be sure that the color of the leaves stays beautiful, and that the leaves grow very near, closely stacked on each other.
  • The most important thing to realize is not to give a little bit of water every few days.
  • This can harm the plant, and it’s not good for the shape of the plant.
  • When the soil is too wet there is also the possibility that the roots will rot.
  • Many people underfeed their succulents during the growing season.
  • Feed with a controlled-release fertilizer in the beginning of the season or weekly with a weak liquid solution.



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