Pomegranate (Punica Granatum Bonsai)

Pomegranate (Punica Granatum Bonsai)

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POT MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 28cm(Ø) x 20cm(H)

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Originally from the Mediterranean and Asia, it’s scientific name, Punica Granatum, also known as Pomegranate is a popular choice for growing Bonsai.

  • Pomegranates have opposite leaves and grow oval-shaped flowers, later on, followed with yellow/red fruits.
  • The trunk twists naturally, making it an attractive tree to grow.
  • Full sun.
  • It can tolerate partly shaded, but they really like the sun.
  • Apply water to the soil over the tree root ball one to two times a week during the summer to keep the soil evenly moist during prime growing months.
  • Provide water once a week during the fall, winter, and spring when the weekly rain is less than 1 inch.
  • Fill with good potting soil, add dried manure pellets (doesn’t have to be dried manure pellets, but instead of ‘classic’ manure)
  • Ad some balanced NPK fertilizer 8-8-8 or similar
  • Add some compost and humus
  • Add a shovel of sand and a shovel of hydroton pebbles
  • If you want the tree to grow healthy flowers and fruits, use a fertilizer with high phosphorous and high potassium from spring to late summer.
  • If you opt for fast growth remove flowers and use a normal fertilizer.


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