Echeveria Pansy Sedum 三色堇缀化

Echeveria Pansy Sedum 三色堇缀化

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Pot Measurement : 10cm(Ø) x 8cm(H)

Echeveria Pansy Sedum is a succulent plant of the genus Anemone.

  • The three-color scorpion plant is arranged in a rosette shape, slightly wrapped, and the single head is about 5-7cm.
  • The leaves are blue-white, oval, slightly thick, sharp, and the tip of the leaf is red.
  • The three-color enamel conservation environment is different, the leaf color is different in thickness, and the color will have various changes.
  • From blue-white to blue-yellow and yellow, the three colors coexist, which may be called pansy.
  • It is not difficult to maintain the pansy. Pay attention to proper shading and water control in summer, and water in the rest of the season.
  • The soil for planting the pansy can be selected from loose and breathable media, such as peat/coconut, and granular soil.


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