Euphorbia Wilmaniae

Euphorbia Wilmaniae

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Pot Measurements : Approx. 9cm(Ø) x  7cm(H)

Euphorbia wilmaniae is a low-growing, succulent shrublet with underground caudex and branches that form a dense mat up to 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter.

  • It is spineless, but the peduncles persist for a year or longer and are up to 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) long.
  • The flowers are up to 0.4 inches (1 cm) in diameter.
  • They require a little pampering to become established, but once they are, they are self-sufficient.
  • More die from too much care and watering than from neglect.
Plant Care


  • Euphorbias need well-Draining soil and lots of sunlight.
  • They are not particular about soil pH, but they cannot tolerant wet soil.


  • Unlike most succulents, Euphorbia does not handle long periods of drought well.
  • It may need weekly watering during the hot season.
  • Water whenever the soil is dry several inches below the surface.
  • Water deeply, but don’t let them sit in wet soil, which can cause root rot.


  • Add some organic matter or fertilizer to the planting hole.
  • If you are growing them in containers or your soil is poor, feed with a half-strength fertilizer monthly.



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