Ficus Pumila (Climbing Fig)

Ficus Pumila (Climbing Fig)

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POT MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 8cm(Ø) x 7.5cm(H)

Pot color and size may vary and change subject to availability

The Creeping Fig also known as Ficus Pumila, is an evergreen climbing species which you might have seen crawling up the walls of large mansions or a quaint house in the country.

  • Indoors they’re best grown in a hanging basket, or given something to attach to and climb.
  • There are a number of varieties of this fast growing species such as the miminma, variegata and others which have smaller variegated leaves than the all green Pumila.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and provide a brightly lit setting.
  • It will also tolerate low lighting conditions.
  • When you water the plant give it a thorough watering until water seeps through the bottom (during spring and summer) of the container and allow the soil to stay slightly moist.
  • After giving the plant a thorough watering remove excess water from the tray under the container to prevent causing root rot.
  • During the winter water much less without soaking the soil.
  • Dilute a liquid fertilizer and feed once a month during spring a and summer.



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