Fresh Cut Nordmann Fir (9-10ft) air-flown from Denmark

Fresh Cut Nordmann Fir (9-10ft) air-flown from Denmark

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  • CLEARING / DISPOSAL CUT-OFF-DATE IS 10th January 2020. 

**Please indicate your preferred Disposal Date should you require it under the ‘Order Note’ field during order checkout.

Please note that the close-up picture of the Nordmann Fir was taken in direct sunlight, hence there might be a slight variation in color.
  • A Fresh Cut Nordmann Fir with a height between 9-10 ft. (Approx. 2.7m – 3m)
  • Our trees are personally hand-picked, cultivated and pest free.
  • All trees are treated for better needle retention and longer cut life.
  • Tree height is measured from the floor to the top tip of the tree.
  • Tree is air-flown from Denmark.
  • Fill Christmas Tree Stand with ice cubes once a day to ensure the tree stays fresh throughout the Christmas period.
  • The water should be topped up every day or every two days, depending on how thirsty your tree is, so check the water levels daily.
  • To prevent the mosquito from breeding, you can add anti-mosquito granules in the water.
  • The Nordmann Fir Christmas tree, or Abies nordmanniana, has excellent needle retention qualities offering you a perfect choice for your holiday decorating needs.
  • Named after a botanist from Finland, Alexander von Nordmann, who discovered it growing in Georgia, the Nordmann fir has a longer lifespan than other firs making it your long lasting-beautifully decorated companion over the holiday season.
  • Originally a native of Turkey, Georgia, Northern Armenia, the mountains around the Black Sea, and the Russian Caucasus, in recent years, the Nordmann fir has proved an excellent species for growing at our Oregon tree farms.
  • Today, the Nordmann Fir is favored for its attractive foliage, softer needles, and its resistance to shedding needles as the tree dries. It has also become a great choice for some families where allergies or sensitivity to the typical Christmas tree aroma is a concern as the Nordmann lacks fragrance.
  • Enjoy a Nordmann Fir this season as the focal point for your family’s Christmas celebration!


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