Japanese Jewel

Japanese Jewel

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Pot Measurements : Approx. 10cm(Ø) x  9cm(H)


Japanese Jewel also know as maple trees have a variety of shapes, and their range of leaf colours, shapes and autumn colours makes for year-round interest, especially for smaller gardens.

  • Small, slow-growing deciduous trees with graceful habit, ideal for smaller gardens
  • Flowers are insignificant but the foliage is often deeply lobed in shades of green, yellow and burgundy, all of which colour well in autumn
  • Best in a cool, lightly-shaded position or ideal in a larger container
  • Usually needs little pruning or training
  • Mulch and fertilize in spring
  • Can be grown from seed, but usually bought as grafted trees
Plant Care


  • Water regularly in dry spells during the first year to aid establishment, especially if planted in spring or later in the summer season.
  • You may need to water once a week during hot, dry spells which can cause the leaves to brown and crinkle around the edges.
  • Water trees in containers regularly so they do not dry out. This can mean at least once a day in hot weather.


Plants in the open ground don’t need feeding but a general-purpose fertiliser will do


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