Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw

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POT MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 14cm(Ø) x 11cm(H)

Pot color and size may vary and change subject to availability
Color of flower may be substituted with another similar color depending on stock availability.

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Kangaroo Paw plants have strappy foliage similar to daylilies or amaryllis plants.

  • The tubular flowers are borne in fan-like rows, giving the appearance of an animal’s paw.
  • Flowers are covered with dense, velvety fuzz, which influences the flower’s color.
  • This Australian native won’t add any edible value to your garden, but it will bring a host of colorful blossoms!
  • Named for the unique shape of its flower, the kangaroo paw is quickly growing in popularity in gardens all around the world.
  • This not only makes them great for no-hassle landscaping projects but also perfect for planting in containers on your porch or patio!
  • Bring some color and excitement to your gardens by learning the basics of caring for kangaroo paws.
  • For brilliant and long-lasting blooms, place it in an area with a lot of direct sunlight.
  • In order for your plants to grow and flower properly, they need at least six hours of direct sun each day.
  • They can tolerate even the hottest and most intense sunlight.
  • Water it thoroughly once the top couple inches of soil become dry.
  • For the most part, watering deeply once a week will suffice.
  • An average organic potting soil and amend it with a few cups of regular play sand.
  • This will stimulate the plant’s natural setting and also provide sufficient nutrition for the entire season.


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