Leopard Plant (Farfugium Japonicum)

Leopard Plant (Farfugium Japonicum)

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Pot Measurement : Approx. 13 cm(Ø)


Leopard plant also know as Farfugium japonicum is an evergreen, clump-forming perennial that is widely sought for use in landscapes and containers. This somewhat under-utilized plant offers both stunning foliage and bright yellow flowers in the fall. It is grown as an ornamental for garden planting and containers.

The variegated cultivars are often used to brighten shade garden settings. Some cultivars have shiny green leaves variegated with irregular creamy white or yellow markings, which are leathery and large, 4-10 in (10.2-25.4 cm) across, rounded or kidney shaped, with wavy or toothed margins, held aloft on long stalks, and they are evergreen. Others are an even green without the white or yellow markings.


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