Lithops Variety (2)

Lithops Variety (2)

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Pot Measurement : Approx. 9.5 cm(ø)

Lithops is a genus of succulent plants in the ice plant family, Aizoaceae. Members of the genus are native to southern Africa. The name is derived from the Ancient Greek words λίθος (lithos), meaning “stone,” and ὄψ (ops), meaning “face,” referring to the stone-like appearance of the plants. They avoid being eaten by blending in with surrounding rocks and are often known as pebble plants or living stones. The formation of the name from the Greek “-ops” means that even a single plant is called a Lithops.

Lithops aucampiae are very slow growing, small plants, which makes them ideal as houseplants. Lithops thrive in compacted, sandy soil with little water and blistering hot temperatures. Lithops are commonly known as pebble plants, mimicry plants, flowering stones, and of course, living stones are all descriptive monikers for a plant that has a unique form and growth habit.

Lithops are small plants, rarely getting more than an inch above the soil surface and usually with only two leaves. The thick padded leaves represent the cleft in an animal’s foot or just a pair of green to grayish brown stones clustered together. The plants have no true stem and much of the plant is underground.  Older plants form attractive clumps of “pebbles” in their pots.


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