Maidenhair Vine (Muehlenbeckia complexa)

Maidenhair Vine (Muehlenbeckia complexa)

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Pot Measurement : 14cm(Ø) x 11cm(H)

Also commonly known as “Wire Vine” because the plant forms a dense mass of wiry stems adorned with tiny round, glossy leaves. This New Zealand native can be grown outdoors in a planter for the summer or year-round in the garden in frost-free climates. It’s one of the best plants for training to a small trellis or topiary.


Perfect for all kinds of containers and looks great spilling over the sides of a pot of mixed plants. Can be trained to a fiber totem or small trellis. May be displayed outdoors in warmer weather.

Plant Feed

Once every month during growing season.


Water every 5 to 7 days depending on light and temperature. Keep soil evenly moist, but not soggy.


All-purpose mix.

Basic Care Summary

Keep soil evenly moist. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly during active growth. Prune branches to maintain desired size.


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