Organic Fertiliser (Aquis)

Organic Fertiliser (Aquis)

$15.00 inc. GST

PACKING SIZE: 1L of Liquid Fertilizer

Aquis Organic Fertilizer is a solution that is extracted from plant compost

  • It is an organic fertilizer that works almost immediately, ensuring continuous provision of nutrients for strong plant growth
  • Suitable for growing all types of vegetables, flowers and fruit plants with excellent results. it can also be used in hydroponic and drip irrigation systems
  • Safe for crops, trusted by horticulturists. farmers and plants hobbyists
  1. Seedlings  – (Mix 100ml for every 15L of water, fertilize once weekly)
  2. Vegetables / Flowers – (Mix 100ml for every 10L of water, fertilize thrice weekly)
  3. Landscape Plants / Trees – (Mix 100ml for every 10L of water, fertilize once weekly)


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