Organic Fertiliser (Biomax)

Organic Fertiliser (Biomax)

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This organic fertiliser is 100% Made in Australia, 100% Organic and is certified according to Australian Organic Standard.

Some benefits of Biomax Organic Fertiliser:

  • Suitable for vegetables, fruit, herbs, trees, lawns, flowers, pasture & grains
  • Our breakthrough technology eradicates 100% harmful pathogens
  • Contains high organic matter that is naturally low in odour
  • Enhances soil bio-diversity, improve water and nutrient retention in soil
  • Improves plant resistance towards soil-borne diseases and pests
  • Slow release of nutrients
  • Supports sustainable farming

Available in 250 grams and 10 kg.

Application rate:

Vegetables & Herbs – 250g/m2

Fruits & Citrus – 300g/m2

Trees & Shrubs – 75g/m2

Flower & Garden Beds – 300g/m2

Lawn & Grasses – 75g/m2



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