Organic Fertiliser (Aquis)

Organic Fertiliser (Aquis)

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Brand : Aquis

Packing Size : 500ml

Content Type : Liquid Spray

Aquis Organic Fertilizer is a solution that is extracted from plant compost

  • It is an organic fertiliser that works almost immediately, ensuring continuous provision of nutrients for strong plant growth
  • Suitable for growing all types of vegetables, flowers and fruit plants with excellent results. it can also be used in hydroponic and drip irrigation systems
  • Safe for crops, trusted by horticulturists. farmers and plants hobbyists

Application Guidelines

Shake well before use.

Spray directly onto leaves, stems and soil till dripping wet.

For best results, spray on undersides of the leaves wherever possible.

Avoid direct spray onto flower.

Spray in the early mornings or evenings.


Spray once weekly – Small young plants and crops.

Spray twice weekly – Large adult or leafy plants and crops.



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