Organic Veggies Mix (GreenSpade)

Organic Veggies Mix (GreenSpade)

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Brand : GreenSpade

Packing Size : 20L

Content Type : Soil

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GreenSpade Veggies Mix is an organic soil-less potting mix that contains a mixture of substrates and organic fertilizer but does not contain any soil. It is developed for the growth of edibles such as vegetables. The lightweight texture of the GreenSpade Veggies Mix promotes better germination and root development. In addition, it is lighter in weight and does not become as compact as soil over time, and you will appreciate the lighter weight if you have to move the pots around. The light and fluffy texture improve drainage and aeration yet water retentive.

How to Use:

  1. Get ready your vegetable seeds and pot.
  2. Add GreenSpade Veggies Mix into the pot.
  3. Sprinkle seeds evenly and thinly over the surface of GreenSpade Veggies Mix, leaving some distance between each one as per seeds instructions.
  4. Water as needed. Keep GreenSpade Veggies mix moist to improve germination rate.
  5. Add GreenSpade Organic Vermicast fertilizer evenly on the surface area after 10-15 days to fertilize the vegetables.
  6. Harvest when the plant matures. Enjoy your “fruit” of labour!