Philodendron (Squamiferum)

Philodendron (Squamiferum)

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Pot Measurements : Approx. 18cm(Ø) x  14cm(H)

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Philodendron squamiferum is a terrific, rare species from tropical rain forests in South America.

  • The vine is unusual for its long, red stems that are covered with soft, fuzzy red hairs!
  • The plant also has distinctively-shaped leaves with 5 lobes.
  • The attractive foliage is glossy and grows from 12 to 18 inches long.
  • The plant lives as an epiphyte in the wild, growing high up into trees.
  • In cultivation it grows at a moderate pace, so it won’t become rampant and take over, like some Philodendrons.
  • You may tie it to a wooden post, trellis, or other support.
  • The leaves of young plants are shaped somewhat like a violin, and eventually form large, distinct lobes as the plant matures.
  • The bristly stem of each leaf is almost as long as the leaf itself.
  • The hairs are green on some plants, but on mine they are red.
Plant Care


  • Medium light but can tolerate low light.
  • Avoid too much direct sun.
  • Can withstand 3 hours of direct sunlight.


  • Once weekly.
  • Allow potting mix to dry out before watering.
  • Soil about 3,5cm down should be dry to touch.
  • Water more frequently during warmer months and fertilize during growth season.
  • Generally, the plant will droop to show that it needs more water.
  • Do not overwater or keep the soil wet for too long, as this will encourage root rot.
  • If leaves are yellowing due to overwatering, skip a week or two of watering.


  • Normal.


  • 18°C-30°C. It’s best not to let it go below 15°C.

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