Pilea spruceana (Silver Tree)

Pilea spruceana (Silver Tree)

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Pot Measurement : Approx. 8cm(Ø) x 7.5cm(H)

Silver Tree, aka Pilea spruceana has a narrow, serrated, chocolate-colored leaf with a broad silver band running down its center.

  • It has a compact, upright habit to 10 inches high and wide.
  • Flowers are inconspicuous.
  • Although it likes terrarium conditions, it might be a bit large for such usage.
  • Ideal in a mixed planting of house plants, such as with fancy leaf begonias, thus creating a nice contrast.
  • If its leaves are to be intensely colored, Pilea spruceana has to be placed bright to part sunny.
  • Locations with morning, evening and winter sun are well suited.
  • If the pot is situated at least one meter behind the window, summer sun also does no harm.
  • Semi-shade will be tolerated but the leaves can turn green there.
  • Silver Tree grows well in peat-free vegetable soil, which I use for almost all my indoor plants.
  • Regular mixtures for houseplants or cacti are also suitable.
  • The soil should always be kept moderately moist but not wet.
  • Allow it to dry up to approximately 80% of the pot’s height before watering.
  • If Pilea spruceana is placed at 15 to 20°C during winter it needs less watering.
  • From spring to fall feeding can be done with liquid or long-term fertilizers like sticks, granules or pellets.
  • Liquid fertilizer can be given every 4th to 8th and sticks, granules or pellets in spring and summer.
  • New bought or recently repotted plants don’t need to be fed for the first year.


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