Schizaea Dichotoma

Schizaea Dichotoma

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Schizaea Dichotoma is a small genus of specialized ferns in the family Schizaeaceae and cmmon names include curly grass fern or comb fern.

  • Some species are very small and inconspicuous, and so may often be overlooked in nature.
  • The genus is distinctive and not at all like the common conception of a fern, though it is still considered a true fern (leptosporangiate).
  • The barren fronds (trophophylls) are grass-like, and the spore-bearing fertile frond (sporophyll) is similar, but with a small, pinnate fertile segment at its apex.
  • The upper surface of the pinnules bear the sessile capsules.
Plant Care

Light : Semi-Shade

Water : Moderate Water

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