Selaginella Kraussiana

Selaginella Kraussiana

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Selaginella Kraussiana is a species of vascular plant found naturally in the Azores and parts of mainland Africa.

  • It belongs to the very ancient lineage of plants known as the clubmosses.
  • It has a similar structure to ferns.
  • The relationship might lead one to call the plants spike moss fern, although that is technically not correct either.
  • These common plants are part of many native flora situations and are nursery plants for some varieties of wild seed, which grow up through them.
  • Selaginella spike moss are spore producing plants, just like ferns, and can produce large mats of deep feathery green foliage.
Plant Care


  • Bright Indirect light indoors, partial shade outdoors is usually a good idea for most Selaginella varieties.


  • Keep the soil moist but never soggy and avoid using cold water.
  • It becomes totally dormant and the leaves roll into tight little brown balls when there is no moisture.
  • After watering, it turns green and starts to grow again.


  • A Selaginella plant needs very little plant food.
  • Feed twice a year, once in April and once in July, with a water soluble fertilizer diluted to ½ the recommended strength.
  • Do not fertilize newly potted Selaginella plants for at least two months.


  • Best temperature is around 10°-24°C  (50°-75°F)


  • It prefers high humidity.


  • Use a peat moss based soil that retains water but still drains well.


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