Stetsonia Coryne (Toothpick Cactus)

Stetsonia Coryne (Toothpick Cactus)

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POT MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 6cm(Ø) x 4cm(H)

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The genus Stetsonia includes a single species of cactus, Stetsonia Coryne.

  • This beautiful cactus is one of the most cultivated of all large columnar cacti.
  • They are columnar cactus with dark green or blue-green stems, covered with 8-10 medium-sized ribs along which there are areolas with long and robust thorns, which give to the plants the nicknamed of “Toothpick Cactus”.
  • They have a very branched structure that becomes more evident with the growing age of the plants.
  • The flowers are large up to 15 cm., funnel-shaped and white.
  • They generate very long spines and produce flowers that are white, opening at night and remaining open during the day.
  • Stetsonia are slow growth cacti, but with age, they can reach very large dimensions: up to 10 meters high in nature, with stem diameters of even half a meter.
  • Full sun.
  • Water moderately in spring and summer: 1-2 times a week, depending on the temperature, taking care that the soil is well dry between the watering. You will see if the plant thirsts from the loss of turgor of the stems. Suspend entirely in winter.
  • The soil must be extremely light, rich in sand or lapillo. A standard ground for cactacea, mixed with a bit of extra sand, will be perfect.


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