Strawberry Pink

Strawberry Pink

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Hanging Pot Measurements: Approx. 14cm(Ø) x 11cm(H)

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Strawberry Plants are easy to grow and do well in a location where their naturally spreading habit is acceptable.

  • Although strawberry plants typically produce small white flowers with yellow centers, some varieties have pink flowers, giving them ornamental value in addition to their ability to provide sweet, home-grown berries.
  • All strawberry cultivars originated from the wild plant (Fragaria virginiana), also called Virginia strawberry.
  • The native plant is small and has small flowers borne in clusters, with each flower having five white petals surrounding a central grouping of yellow stamens.
  • Flowers are followed by small, red berries with a natural sweetness.
  • Hybridizers have crossed the wild plant with South American varieties and other plants to produce many different strawberries that are grown both commercially and in home gardens.
  • These hybrids have larger, more abundant berries and some of them have flowers with a blush pink to deep pink color.
Plant Care
  • Find them a sunny spot because they love and need lots of light. I prefer a spot where they receive the morning sun.
  • If you have them in pots and/or other containers, it is good to move them during the day to take advantage of changing sunlight.
  • They are thirsty plants. Water them daily, especially if they are producing fruit. It is best to do it in the morning and to avoid wetting the leaves for disease prevention.
  • Keep them guarded from extreme weather conditions and wind. Please note that even if they like sunlight, being exposed to direct midday sunlight can be damaging as well.
  • Check the pots for good drainage.
  • Keep weeds and unwanted plants in check.
  • You need to fertilize them because they need a lot of energy to produce strawberries.
  • Buy a balanced fertilizer.
  • Follow the directions because too much fertilizer can reduce the fruit yield and it may also stimulate runner production.


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