Succulent Variety (17)

Succulent Variety (17)

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Succulents are any plants that have thick, strong, fibrous leaves and stems designed to store water indefinitely and to distribute it when deprived of all other sources of water. Succulents that are prized as houseplants today once grew wild in arid regions where they were forced, due to ever-changing climate patterns, to adapt to having less water at their disposal.

Care & Handling:
Succulents can be grown either inside or outside but, like other plants, they need plenty of light. The amount of water required depends on many factors, like the type of container (terracotta dries out faster than other pots), the size of container, the height of container, time of year, position, heat, humidity etc. Most succulents are very hardy and, unlike many other plants, thrive on neglect (they require minimal care). If you are unsure as to how often to water them, leave it until the plant starts to shrivel slightly or go limp, then water well. Repeat this process.


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