Ti Plant (Cordyline terminalis)

Ti Plant (Cordyline terminalis)

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Ti Plant as also known as Cordyline terminalis has the common name of Hawaiian ti, it’s not native to Hawaii.

  • There are three main varieties which are the tri-color (green with red, pink and cream), red edge (green with red streaks), and plain green.
  • The most popular grown indoors is the red edged type , because it’s so colourful. There are also dwarf types which are cultivated and sold.


  • The Ti plant produces small whitish or pink colored flowers in it’s natural habitat, but it’s very unlikely to bloom indoors.
  • No one minds this because the plant’s main attraction is it’s colorful leaves.


  • The leaves on the Ti plant can vary in width and length depending on which variety it is, although most leaves grow to about 1ft long.
  • The leaves branch off from the main trunk in a new roseste of leaves, similar to how a dracaena plant does.
  • The lower leaves also die off just like a dracaena, which is normal to encourage new growth.

Care level

  • While these plant’s do need certain conditions provided they are not hard to grow and maintain, although they’re a bit tricky for beginners to keep them looking attractive.
  • If they are not taken care of properly they can look very untidy.


  • The Hawaiian ti plant is said to be toxic for cat’s and dog’s if ingested.

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