Variegated Monstera Thai Constellation

Variegated Monstera Thai Constellation

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Pot Measurements: Approx. 15cm(Ø) x 24cm(H)

Note : Pot colour may varies in black, red, or white

This variegated version of this Monstera is from Japan, popular for its lovely dual tone foliage.

  • Also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, which needs extra space within a home as it grows fairly tall when it matures.
  • This climbing shrub is an ideal plant for a conservatory or for large rooms.
  • Sturdy support is essential.
  • If your aim is to grow a tall plant with large leaves, you must care for the ariel roots by either pushing them into compost or use a moss stick.
  • ‘Thai Constellation’ is a variegated form with green and cream variegated leaves.
Plant Care

Light : Full sun to partial shade

Soil : Light and free draining

Water : Occasional watering

Fertiliser : If necessary, you may use a liquid fertiliser while watering.


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