Whorled Marshpennywort (Hydrocotyle verticilata)

Whorled Marshpennywort (Hydrocotyle verticilata)

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Pot Measurement : 12cm(Ø) x 9.5cm(H)

Whorled Marshpennywort aka Hydrocotyle verticillata is a member of the pennywort family that’s appreciated by planted aquarium lovers for its interesting shape and growth pattern.

  • Unlike most other Hydrocotyle varieties, it is a creeping plant that should stay relatively low when provided with enough light, making it almost resemble a field of clovers or mushrooms in the aquarium.
  • Due to its low growing pattern, it is commonly used as a foreground plant or even as a carpet plant in larger, well-lit aquariums.
  • It can be planted in the substrate; sand with a relatively large grain size is best, as fine sand compacts easily but the plant won’t be able to root well in very coarse gravel either.
  • It is naturally found in marshes and shallow waters, which means it can also be grown emersed as a terrarium or paludarium plant.
  • It will only maintain its decorative low form if plenty of light is supplied, although it can also survive with moderate lighting.
  • A lot of extra Co2 or added nutrients are not a necessity if you want to grow succesfully, although this will be a rather slow growing plant without these.
  • It’s all about balance here, because too many nutrients will result in extremely quick growth and larger leaves, which is not ideal either.


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